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Miracle Kids


BuckeyeThon partners with Nationwide Children's Hospital to work with 19 miracle kids and their families. Here is a brief profile of just a few of those kids.

Luke Torres

Luke has T-Cell ALL - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - which he is winning! Officially diagnosed April 29, 2010, Luke is in maintenance. This is still active chemo, just not the extreme chemo he took for the first 9 months. His last chemo was August 20th, 2013!

Luke has a zest for life and for being a kid. He favors orange, the color of Leukemia awareness. His journey through Cancer has not been an easy one. He has faced kidney dialysis, heart issues, intestinal issues, emotional issues; yet you would never know staring into his beautiful big brown eyes, seeing his dimples flash in a grin and running around without a care in the world. He still has a central line, but that doesn't stop him from playing sports, recess or other things that might slow him down.

Mordekai Snouffer

Mordekai is a charming young man who has Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) , water on his brain, and a tracheotomy tube to help him breathe. Mordekai loves to be read to and play with his calico cat, Bello! In his free time, Mordekai loves to watch Star Trek and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well as play on his drums. We are very excited as well as he is now walking!

Ben Reedy

Ben Reedy is an awesome kid who doesn't let anything slow him down! Although Ben was born with Congenital Heart Defects and has had many surgeries, he still makes time to ride his dirt bike, swim, play football and hang out with his family. Ben enjoys hanging out with his two sisters, Megan and Lauren. His favorite color is red and he wants to grow up to be a cardiologist.

Devin Piatt

Devin was born with four congenital heart defects. ALCAPA, Aortic Stenosis, a small aortic arch and a misshapen heart valve. At six weeks old, Devin had his first heart surgery to repair his narrowed aortic artery. It was discovered that he had ALCAPA (he was missing his left coronary artery. It was on the back of his heart attached to his pulmonary artery). He is only 1 in 300,000 to have this defect. He had reimplantation of his coronary artery and had his arch fixed. He is still living with the misshapen valve and may need to have another surgery in the future. Devin is doing GREAT. Without Nationwide Children's Hospital, Devin may not be alive today. Devin's favorite pastimes right now are riding his bike and swimming at the YMCA with his sister Josie. He loves to spend time outside and with his Power Rangers!

Hayden Laycock

Hayden was born with a congential heart defect called heart block. He was born on the fourth of July and was very small. At 4 days old, Hayden had his first pacemaker put in. He had his second a year and a half later. Hayden is doing well now and is a smiley and active little boy! He really likes Captain America, eating ice cream, swimming, playing outside, and going to the zoo! Hayden also likes crashing his matchbox cars together and anything to do with the Buckeyes! Hayden’s favorite color is blue.

Josh Wade

Joshua was born with a congenital defect resulting in incomplete development of his intestinal tract. He was rushed to Children's hospital for emergency surgery before he was 2 days old and spent his first month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Since then, he's had 4 additional surgeries to correct his defect. Today, you'd hardly know that he has gone through so much! He's an energetic, delightful guy...ready to move. Josh loves to read! His favorite color is blue. He is absolutely fascinated with anything Star Wars...books, toys, and especially Legos! He plays soccer and wants to learn to play hockey. He loves to swim and do anything related to water. Some of his favorite characters at the moment are Phineas & Ferb and the Lego Ninjago characters. He also loves music and loves to dance, that's why he loves BuckeyeThon so much!

Rylee Cavins

When Rylee grows up, she wants to be an animal trainer, or maybe more specifically a dolphin trainer. In her free time she enjoys playing uno, reading, bowling, snuggling with her puppy and playing sled hockey! Rylee’s favorite color is purple. She also really likes iCarly and Isabella from Phineas and Ferb.

Aalyah Cowan

Aalyah wants to be a lawyer and a judge when she grows up. Aalyah is very active and loves to run track and field and she also participates in Speech and Debate. Aalyah has been very successful in both of these extra-curricular activites! Her favorite color is neon green. In her free time she likes to watch TV shows like Dora, Bubble Guppies, Umi-Zoomi, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Avalon Havan

Avalon is a bright young girl who loves colorful clothes and lots of sparkles! Avalon was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 17 months old. She received two years of chemotherapy but is now in remission. Avalon has brain, GI, neurologic, and musculoskeletal damage from chemo. When Avalon grows up she wants to be a singing nurse: someone who visits those having painful medical procedures and sings to make them feel better! Avalon likes to play cards, play with her dolls and games on the Wii. Her favorite color is yellow.

Malachi Rivercomb

Some of Malachi’s favorite movies are The Spongebob Movie, G.I. Joe, and Rise of The Cobra. One of his family’s favorite memories was when Malachi and his brothers love to pretend they are a rock band while “Johnny B. Goode” was playing one day. They were singing and dancing, when Malachi yelled, "We are the best band EVER!" It was great! Malachi loves the color orange, playing football, hockey, basketball, and Twister. When he grows up, he wants to be a police officer!