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2 Million Together


BuckeyeThon released its largest fundraising goal ever this past Thursday at their annual Fashion Show.  $2 Million Together, an aspiration that will unite the Ohio State campus and Columbus community in ways that have never been seen before.   

BuckeyeThon is Ohio State’s largest student-run philanthropy that raises money for the Hematology, Oncology, and Bone Marrow Transplant floors of Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  They have raised $6.5 million to date and their main focus is on funding breakthrough cancer research and psychosocial services at the hospital.  Although they will strive to transcend any of their previous amounts raised “For The Kids”, their $2 Million Together campaign is much more than a number; it speaks the story of Ohio State.

When students join BuckeyeThon as “Team Members”, they dedicate themselves to a yearlong movement.  They work together as a team, an unstoppable force that raises funds and awareness for pediatric cancer.  At the Dance Marathon in February, a 24-hour celebration of their fundraising efforts for the year, the amount that has been raised is revealed at the Closing Ceremonies.  The bell solemnly tolls as each student on the balcony, one by one, raises a number into the air.

As the last number is lifted high, a roar implodes throughout the Ohio Union; it is enough to knock you off your feet.  Taking a simple look down into the crowd will become your most breathtaking memory, one that will never be forgotten.  You will witness a fire ignite inside of each and every Team Member because they know that their efforts will rise above the number on the balcony.  Their accomplishment will go on to make millions of miracles, changing the lives of countless kids and families in need.

This year, Ohio State Buckeyes will take another, tremendous leap towards creating a better tomorrow, a future where the only tears are those of joy.  Together, their zeal will remain inextinguishable until hope is secured for every child. Together, their dream will become a reality.  Together, they will cure pediatric cancer.

Visit to learn more about BuckeyeThon and how you play a role in their fight to end pediatric cancer!

If you would like more information about BuckeyeThon’s $2 Million Together Campaign, please call Lauren Hurst at (440) 478-1245, or email