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Avalon H.

Avalon is very sweet and outgoing. She is not afraid to meet new people and has an amazing attitude about life. Her outfits are always bright and full of sparkles, similar to her shining personality. You can often find her rocking a yellow dress in her decked out, lit up wheelchair, beaming up at anyone she sees with that beautiful smile of hers. She has a heart of gold and lights up any room she is in. She exudes happiness and has a gift of making all those around her happy as well.

Siblings Name and Birthdays: Aurora, Ambrosia, Anam

Parents Names: Alicia and Nick

“At the 2019 BuckeyeThon Dance Marathon I was lucky enough to get to spend a lot of time with Avalon. Out of the 24 hours of dancing and activities, there is one moment with Avalon that has really stuck with me, and that is listening to her speak at the Interim Closing Ceremonies. To watch a young girl go up and speak in front of over 1,000 people is one thing, but to watch her speak about the hardships she has faced with overwhelming strength and confidence is another. She spoke about the treatments she had to face because of her cancer, and how those lifesaving treatments have left her with even more obstacles. It filled my heart with joy and brought tears to my eyes to hear her say that BuckeyeThon has helped her feel like a “normal” kid again. Avalon is a constant ray of sunshine. I admire her ability to laugh despite the hardships, tell the truth about her struggles, and inspire a community to come together to end pediatric cancer For The Kids.”

Avalon's Favorite Things:

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Food: Chicken [any kind, any way, as much as she can eat!]

What she wants to be when she grows up: Assisted Living Activities Director, Columbus Zoo Ambassador/Educator

Favorite Movies: All Marvel movies!

Favorite Things to Do: Spend time with her family, read, crochet, quilt, color, play video games with her brother

Avalon's Cancer Journey:

Avalon was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when she was only 17 months old. Her treatment entailed bone marrow biopsies, spinal taps, chemotherapy, and many surgeries. After two and a half years of active treatment she was declared cancer free! However, she has permanent effects from her treatment such as intracranial hypertension as well as neurological and GI tract damage. Avalon is involved in many activities and loves advocating for pediatric cancer!