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Ben R.

Ben is a Buckeye super fan! When you see him, he is always wearing something Ohio State. He’s currently taking advanced classes in the 7th grade and active on the student council. He also loves to swim and ride his 4 wheeler!

Siblings Name and Birthdays: Megan and Lauren

Parents Names: Emilie and Craig

"I got to know Ben during a Buckeye Buddies event this past year. He spent time with the baseball team and you could see his confidence grow each second he was with them. I loved watching him build connections with the team and coaches. He is resiliant through all his struggles and always has a smile on his face!"

Favorite Things to do: Play football and his Play Station 4!

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Cheeseburger and Caesar Salad

What she wants to be when she grows up: A sports medicine physician or cardiologist

Favorite Movie: Grown Ups

Ben's Congenital Heart Defect Journey:

Ben's Congential Heart Defect Journey: Ben was born with congenital heart disease d-TGA. He was on ECMO after his first open heart surgery for 15 hours. He has now had two open heart surgeries and has a donor aorta. Ben started in BuckeyeThon in 2009 and we are so glad to have him as one of our BuckeyeThon kids!