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Corbin N.

Corbin is such a sweet-hearted kid and can be won over with something as simple as bubbles.

Sibling: Lily

Parents Names: Jonathon and Dana

Gabby Young, former Family Relations Assistant Director says, “While at a cookout with the families, I spent most of the day with Corbin and his family. He was a shy at first, staying really close to his mom. Then, I got out some bubbles and he got so excited he sat in my lap for an hour playing with me and popping bubbles. Then a song he liked came on and he got up and started dancing his little heart out. He really breaks out of his shell with some one on one attention!"

Corbin's Favorite Things:

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Super Hero: Spiderman

Favorite Subject in School: Playing in Motor Park

Favorite Candy: All candy!

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite TV Show: Mickey Mouse

Favorite Toy: Cars

Favorite Team: OSU

Favorite Character: Mickey Mouse

What he wants to be when he grows up: Doctor

Corbin's Cancer Journey:

Corbin was diagnosed with Stage III Neuroblastoma when he was only 6 months old. His parents realized he wasn’t moving his legs or sitting up on his own, so they scheduled an MRI which revealed a tumor wrapped around his spinal cord. He underwent four rounds of chemotherapy, as well as surgery. Corbin has been cancer free since his first birthday, however, he still feels effects from his battle with cancer. He has a sweet, spunky attitude that can make anyone laugh!