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Dominic C.

Dominic is a fun, loving and inspiring little boy. He comes from a family who love to run around and play together. Dominic has been involved with BuckeyeThon since 2015!

Siblings Names: Savannah and Isaiah

Parents Names: Carrie and Hallie

“Dominic has so many qualities that stand out and make him so special, but one that he loves to talk about the most is art. He is so talented at drawing, and I see him becoming a famous artist someday! You’ll always see him running around with his siblings, Savannah and Isaiah, and their laughter lights up the room. We are so blessed to know this amazing family!”

Favorite Things: Draw, Paint and Play video games

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Ribeye steak

What He Wants to be When He Grows Up: Animator or Graphic Designer

Favorite Book and Characters: Diary of a Wimpy Kid; Ghoul Trooper, Renegade Raider, Dark Voyager


Dominic's Cancer Journey:

When Dominic was diagnosed with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on July 30, 2013, his family was scared! Terrified of the word cancer and everything that goes along with it. But Dominic has showed that through it all that he is a fighter, a champion and inspiration to many. His family, friends, church family, co-workers, and people he did not even know showed his family so much support. During those first few days after Dominic was diagnosed, his family was reassured by the doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, PCA's, social workers, school liaisons and many others on the Nationwide Children's Hospital Hematology/Oncology team. Dominic finished active treatment in October of 2016. He continues to visit the hospital once a month to have complete blood counts and physicals performed to make sure he remains healthy.