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Kinley S.

Kinley is a happy, smiley, and extremely generous little girl. It is absolutely amazing to see all she does with Kinley's Crafts, in which she collects donated toys and crafts and gives them to the kids at Nationwide Children's to help them feel better. She also wants to be a nurse when she grows up to help more people, which just shows her giving spirit even more. Kinley is a little social butterfly and never fails to make us smile!

Siblings Names and Birthdays: Carter

Parents Names: Michelle and Ryan

“Kinley’s huge heart amazes me every day. As an incredible fundraiser for BuckeyeThon, an advocate for pediatric cancer, and a starter of her own non-profit, Kinley gives back in so many ways. This beautiful, talented, kind girl is changing the lives of everyone she meets, and her humor and sass makes the world smile while she’s doing it. I am so thankful to know Kinley and to witness her sharing her talent with the world. Next time you see her doing her cheerleading flips at a BuckeyeThon event, make sure you cheer extra loud because she deserves that and so much more.”

Favorite Things: Cheerleading

Favorite Color: Pink 

Favorite Book/Movie: Soul Surfer

What she wants to be when she grows up: Flight Nurse

Kinley's Cancer Journey:

Kinley was diagnosed with Pre-B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia-Hypodiploid in 2011 after experiencing painful lumps on her face. She began chemotherapy the day after diagnosis. After six rounds of radiation and chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant she was finally declared cancer free! She now participates in competition cheerleading in which she tumbles and dances away!