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Samuel A.

Samuel is an incredibly happy 6 year old who loves life! He is very active and doesn’t let his severe hemophilia slow him down a bit! He loves super heroes and his 3 big sisters.

Siblings Name and Birthdays: Kyleigh, Kaelyn, Aubrey

Parents Names: Jason and Natalie

Tyler Krupp, a model in BuckeyeThon's 2017 Fashion Show, said "Working with Samuel and his family was awesome!  Samuel was a little shy at first, but it didn’t take long for him to open up and for his energy to come out. By the end of the night we were best buddies and he gave me an unexpected kiss on the cheek when he hugged me goodbye!"

Samuel's Favorite Things:

Favorite Color: Red and orange

Favorite Subject: Math

Favorite Candy: Chocolate

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Superhero: Spiderman 

What he wants to be when she grows up: A builder and a daddy

Samuel's Hemophilia Journey:

Samuel was brought home in April of 2016 after being adopted from China by his parents. His parents knew he had a disorder that made him bruise easily. While they were in China, Sam had many joint bleeds in his ankle and knee and was unable to walk. He was taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for testing and discovered he had severe hemophilia type A. Samuel needs infusions twice a week to prevent injury and bleeding. At first he went to the hospital for infusions, then he had a home health nurse come. Last Thanksgiving, his dad started doing the infusions on his own. His 12 year old sister has also learned how to infuse. Samuel doesn’t have a port, so finding his vein to infuse him can be difficult. He as adjusted well and is so brave! His three sisters adore him and his parents couldn’t imagine their family without him!