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Samuel B.

Samuel B.

Sam had an amazing smile and incredible spirit. Even going through so much during his year of treatment, he didn’t let anything get him down. He embraced life and loved spending time with his friends and family. He had a loud personality and enjoyed laughing and joking around. He loved playing video games, watching Star Wars and super hero movies, and playing with legos.

Siblings Name and Birthdays: Aubrey and Caitlin

Parents Names: Cindy and Mike

Sam’s family says that their favorite memory with Sam was actually while he was in treatment. He loved music and had the opportunity to attend a Chris Daughtry and Lifehouse concert. We did not know if he would get out of the hospital in time for the concert, but he was discharged the day of! A local radio station helped in getting a suite for his family and friends at the concert so he didn’t have to be in the midst of the crowd. Lifehouse came up to their suite and hung out with Sam and his friends for most of the show when they weren’t performing. They made him feel so special. His family says seeing him smile was an amazing experience that blessed their hearts. He was able to meet Chris Daughtry and the rest of Lifehouse backstage after the concert where they took pictures and talked with him. Cancer took so much from Sam and seeing him able to enjoy a concert with his friends and be a regular 9 year old kid made the night the best for his family.

Samuel's Cancer Journey:
Samuel had just finished his second grade year and had extreme leg pains. When he went to the doctor to be examined, a tumor was found above his right knee cap. The diagnosis was Stage 4 Osteosarcoma Bone Cancer. The cancer then spread to both of his legs, lungs and spine. Sam immediately started chemotherapy treatments and underwent 5 surgeries in the course of one year. With one of those surgeries being a leg amputation, Sam had to learn to walk again with a prosthetic leg, but kept a smile through all he endured. After returning from a Make a Wish, Sam and his family discovered that the cancer had spread throughout the rest of his body and that the treatments were no longer working. Sam's family then made the decision to bring Sam home with hospice care where he passed away surrounded by his family.