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Sean T.

Sean has such a caring and sweet personality. He often can be shy at first but he really enjoys talking with people especially about his trip to Disney world, and about what is going on at his school. Also, don’t be surprised if you hear people refer to him as “waffles”! That nickname has quite an interesting story to it so be sure to ask him to tell it to you!

Parents Names: Shannon and Doug

Alexis Dunning, former VP of Outreach and Engagement, says, “Last year at CarnOval I had the opportunity to spent time with Sean and his family. I remember most about that day was when we got a caricature together. As the artist was drawing Sean and I, she kept asking us these crazy questions, which Sean couldn’t stop laughing at. He kept trying so hard to say still and smiling so she could draw him, but the more he tried and the more she asked him questions, the more he couldn’t contain himself and would burst out laughing. And as he laughed, I joined in and so did the artist and we all laughed until we all nearly fell out of our chairs.”

Sean's Favorite Things:

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Movie: The Lego Movie

Favorite Subject in School: Spanish

Favorite Book: Box Car Children

Favorite Candy: Skittles and Starburst

Favorite Activity: Reading, Legos, Xbox, and Sports

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Superhero: Captain America

What he wants to be when he grows up: work with animals

Sean's Cancer Journey:

Sean was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in July of 2011 after experiencing extreme arm and leg pain. He began chemotherapy the same day he was diagnosed. When he entered the maintenance phase of his treatment he had complications and relapsed. He went through another round of treatment to prepare for a bone marrow transplant in July of 2013. After the bone marrow transplant he developed complications involving his eyes and lungs. Despite the minor setbacks, Sean is doing well and enjoys playing sports with his school!