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Alex Boustany, a BuckeyeThon member, has been very successful with her fundraising by sending emails to family and friends. Alex is currently BuckeyeThon's top fundraiser, and she shares her email expertise with us in her blog post!


"As college students, a lot of us rely on our family for multiple things whether that be tuition, rent, or even just doing our laundry every once in a while. Sometimes, it can be hard to ask for more when they have already given so much. However most times, our family and friends are the people who are the most willing to help, especially if it is a cause that you feel passionate about. I find this statement to be 100% true. Here I have drawn out what I think is the perfect email that you can use to send to family and friends in order to get to your goal!


In my opinion, one of the most effective ways to raise money is by sending emails to people. This tactic has helped me raise almost $7,000 this year. I try to make these emails as personal as possible, so I always start by sending them to the family and friends that I am closest with. If this isn't your first time doing BuckeyeThon and they have donated before, it's always nice to thank them for their previous donation and fill them in on the Dance Marathon. Make sure to mention how they were able to help contribute to the $1.2 million that was raised! This reinstates that their contribution was able to make a world of difference for the people that it helped. If this is your first time doing the Dance Marathon, then take the time to explain what it is and where the money is going. In my experience, the more information people know, the more willing they are to donate! After you give that bit of background, it is always good to give them a little insight into why you are participating in this cause. For example, I have lost two very dear family friends to the horrible disease that is pediatric cancer. I always talk about how I dance because I want their memory to live on, and because I don’t want other children to have to suffer from it any longer. You want the people you are asking to donate, to feel as strongly about the cause as you do!



Now as much as every person wants to be, we are not made of money. Another tip when you send the emails out, is to explain the importance that even $5 would make. No amount of money is ever too small, so if you stress this, people may not be worried that their contribution won’t be enough. Before you close the email, I always make sure to include a forwarding line at the bottom of the page, usually along the lines of, "If you could, please make sure to forward this email to anyone that you think would be interested in donating." That way, even if the person isn’t willing to make a donation, at least they can help the cause by getting the information to as many people as possible. Finally, I always finish by thanking them for taking the time to read the email. People have busy lives, and if they take time to sit and read through my email, that can make all the difference.


I hope that these tips help you all in the final weeks we have before the Dance Marathon! Feel free to make these emails whatever you want, but it’s important to remember that it never hurts to ask! Good luck!"


Author: Alex Boustany

January 19, 2016