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Meet Allison...


Allison King, a BuckeyeThon participant and fundraiser, brought in $70 worth of coins for BuckeyeThon's Day of Miracles on November 19, 2015. Based on her participation with our coin collection and her dedication to the kids, she shares her coin collecting experiences with us through her blog post!


"I’m not an avid coin collector, but I do keep a change jar in my room that I’ve used for years. The change that I turned in this year on the Day of Miracles had been accumulating since last year before BuckeyeThon. There were several times I didn’t think I would fit any more change in that jar, but somehow I almost always wiggled one more penny or dime in. That was until the day I got a nickel stuck in the slot at the top and that’s when I realized I needed to figure out what to do with all my coins.


I have learned that if I fill that jar up all the way to the lid it will give me about $50. I normally to try to keep an eye out for something I’d like to spend that on when I fill up the jar as a treat to myself, but I hadn’t been doing that very well so I didn’t know what to do with it. In the mean time I started filling up another cup I had pulled out of my cabinet. I toyed with the idea of cashing the coins and using what I got as fun money for a rainy day, but after a little thought I decided to donate the coins to my BuckeyeThon account. I could have used them for a new pair of headphones or a new book or even school supplies, but I didn’t really need to; the kids at Nationwide Children’s Hospital needed those coins more than I did.



BuckeyeThon 2015 came and went and I never got around to cashing those coins so I vowed to donate them in 2016. Now like I said, I’m not an avid coin collector, I most often make purchases with my debit card, which doesn’t give me much of an opportunity to collect spare change. Whenever I do have cash, however, I always end up with a pocket full of coins because I never want to spend the time digging through my pockets to make exact change. I suppose my laziness paid off though because by not finding exact change when making cash purchases I was able to accumulate $70 For The Kids.


If you’d like to collect spare change, but you’re like me and hardly ever use cash my advice would be to pull $20 out of the ATM each week and use this to buy your typical weekly purchases like coffee or lunch instead of using your debit card and then keep the change for your fundraising account. When you do this you are collecting a little bit for your BuckeyeThon account just by buying the things you would be buying anyway. You can also ask friends and family if they have a cup or jar or just a lot of extra change in their wallet that they would like to donate. You may only get a small handful here and there, but it all adds up.


Happy coin collecting!"


Author: Allison King

January 18, 2016