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Meet Corbin...


Check out the letter below, written by Jon and Dana Norrod, parents of one of our BuckeyeThon Kids, Corbin!



"BuckeyeThon's 2017 Dance Marathon is quickly approaching, but there is still time to raise more money for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Every dollar counts and makes a difference. As first time parents, we were ecstatic to welcome our son Corbin into the world. We were getting used to our roles as new parents when we noticed signs that things were not right. At 6 months old, Corbin’s legs were getting weaker and regressing in movement. A doctor's visit turned into an emergency MRI at Nationwide Children’s Hospital here in Columbus, Ohio. The image revealed a large tumor wrapped around Corbin’s spine and doctors spoke that awful six letter word, CANCER. A horrible sinking feeling came over us. Our number one job as a parent is to protect our children, but we had no control and felt completely helpless.


Cancer took Corbin’s hair, took his giggle away for a short time, and even threatened to take his ability to walk. Yet very early on in Corbin’s cancer journey we came to the realization that there were some things cancer couldn’t take away like our ability to love, our faith, and our ability to build memories no matter how much time we are given. This is why BuckeyeThon will have a forever place in our hearts. They have granted our Corbin as well and numerous other kids the chance to be just that: a kid.


Throughout Corbin’s treatment, he was pretty much always a happy, positive, inspiring little boy. He has brought a tremendous sense of hope, faith, and gratitude to our family and people who have grown to know him.


I encourage everyone to engage with students involved with BuckeyeThon and ask them about how they are raising the money. Challenge them to go out of their comfort zones to obtain their goals and find out how you can help them succeed. The success of their fundraising may change the life of a child fighting cancer, or hundreds, or even thousands.


Let’s continue to give these kids a voice who are battling pediatric cancer and make BuckeyeThon a leader in the movement to end cancer. It all starts with each of us taking that first step. We cannot thank BuckeyeThon enough for all of their hard work, dedication and generosity. We are truly grateful. We can’t wait to see all the students at the dance marathon and share more of Corbin’s story. Corbin is also excited to dance with everyone.


For The Kids!!!!

Jon and Dana"