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Meet Gabby...


Gabby Young, a General Body member of BuckeyeThon, is very involved with BuckeyeThon, specifically as a dedicated member of BuckeyeThon's Family Relations committee. She came up with a very creative fundraising idea this year and shares her wisdom with us!


"This fall, I was trying to come up with a creative fundraising idea to get those 'lazy' people to donate. You know, the ones who see my posts on Facebook or my long emails and always think "oh I should remember to do that." But, if they don't click on the link that second and take the time to donate, it doesn't happen. They have good intentions, just a little bit of a scatter brain. I needed a quick, direct and easy way to hit these people and get some extra donations. So, I turned to Venmo.


For those of who you don't know what Venmo is, it is an app on any smart phone where you can pay someone straight from your debit card to there's, no cash involved. On this Venmo app, there is a way to "request" someone to pay you. Once they get the request, they will get a text to their phone and all they have to do is click "accept" and then that's it. They have paid you whatever amount you requested. Doesn't get any easier than that! So, I picked about 15 of my friends to request just $2 from on Venmo. I sent them a quick text telling them why I had requested the money and all of them accepted my request for $2! I even had a couple random people pay me a couple dollars over Venmo after seeing the transaction on their Venmo 'newsfeed' and the reason for it and wanted to donate themselves. I ended up raising about $50! I then donated the money to myself on Donor Drive.




This was a great kickstart to my fundraising this fall, and if you are struggling hitting whatever goal you have I definitely encourage you to try it! You can even ask for more money from some people, say $5 or $10. It all about the convenience factor here, and it is a great way to get your busy college student peers to donate to this great cause! Make sure to let them know why you are requesting money before hand and don't request more than they would be willing to give. Happy fundraising week and can't wait to see you all at the Dance Marathon!"


Author: Gabby Young

January 14, 2016