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Meet Hailey...


Hailey is a sassy and fun nine-year-old whose zest for life is unmatched. Get to know Hailey on the purple team at the Dance Marathon this year!



Just over a month after her fourth birthday, Hailey was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. On December 6, 2013 she completed treatment and to this day is cancer free! One word comes to mind when people think of Hailey: unstoppable. Her firecracker personality and unyielding perseverance are just some of the reasons why she’s so lovable! Hailey may be small by size, but never by way of sassy and sweet.


Hailey’s high spirited and go-getter attitude is the perfect mentality for dancing the night away. Should you cross paths with Hailey at the Dance Marathon, say hi and let her show you around, she loves being in charge! This feisty 9-year-old loves the color purple, dressing up, playing with Barbies, and art class. If you see a flash of blonde curls run by, it’s most likely Hailey, so follow along and gear up for an entertaining time!