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Meet Hayden...


Halloween is this weekend, and one of our BuckeyeThon kids, Hayden, is super excited. Hayden writes about why Halloween is his favorite holiday, along with his favorite memories and costumes.


"My name is Hayden and I am seven years old. I have a pacemaker and am missing an important part of my heart. That’s why I get to go to Buckeyethon!


I like every holiday, but Halloween is one of my favorites because I get to go trick-or-treating. I like it because it is fun to walk around in the dark and be with my family. I like to get candy, too, but I only like to eat the skittles! When I get home I pour out my pumpkin on the floor and make piles for mommy, daddy and all our friends. I know which ones they like.


I have been Captain America since I was in preschool but this year I am going to be Quicksilver. I like him because he is fast and brave! I want my mom to dress up like Scarlet Witch and my dad to dress up like Iron Man so we can all be superheroes! I might still wear my Captain America costume somewhere, though, because I like to throw my shield.




My other favorite things to do in the fall are to watch Ohio State hockey, carve pumpkins, catch butterflies, and ride the rides at the Apple Festival. This year I got halfway up the climbing wall and I was big enough to ride everything I wanted!


My favorite Halloween memory was the year we went to the pumpkin patch with the fire where they let you roast your own hot dogs. I got to cook my own. I also like to roast marshmallows for my mom and let them catch on fire and then blow them out. I am really good at it!


The most exciting thing to do in the fall is to rake leaves with my pappaw. He pays me 5 dollars to help. When the leaves are all in a pile I like to jump in them and make them go flying in the air. It is so funny to make a mess!"


Author: Hayden Laycock

October 28, 2015