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Meet the Models for BuckeyeThon's Fashion Show!



Benjamin Kanas

Year: Sophomore

Major: Public Affairs and International Studies, Pre-Law

Hometown: Bexley, OH

Involvement: North Campus Senator, Undergraduate Student Government, Mount Leadership Society, David Project Intern, and Hillel Foundation

Jeff Rolland

Year: Senior

Major: Computer and Information Science

Hometown: Medina, OH

Involvement: Buckeye Leadership Fellows, Resident Advisor, and Buck-I-SERV

Why are you For The Kids?: Jeff is For The Kids because he believes that everyone should have the chance to travel the world and embrace the love around them. 

Pavan Peketi

Year: Senior

Major: Neuroscience

Hometown: Twinsburg, OH

Involvement: Ohio Union Activities Board, Undergraduate Research Assistant, and Resident Advisor

Why are you For The Kids?: Pavan is For The Kids because he believes BuckeyeThon is an incredible organization that finds a fun and exciting way to raise money for an important cause. Every child deserves a life full of happiness, joy, and experiences, and BuckeyeThon is providing that for the kids. 

Luke Graeter

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science and Public Affairs

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Involvement: John Glenn College of Public Affairs

Why are you For The Kids?: Last year was Luke's first time participating as a BuckeyeThon Team Member, and he really developed a passion for the kids. He raised over $1,000 and was a Miracle Maker! He felt like he contributed to something bigger than himself. He is excited to participate as a model and fundraise For The Kids. 

Tyler Krupp

Year: Senior

Major: Chemical Engineer with a Business Minor

Hometown: Medina, OH

Why are you For The Kids?: Tyler is For The Kids because he has seen a lot of family members and friends battle cancer. His mom lost her battle with cancer when Tyler was in the first grade. Ever since, he has been passionate about doing what he can to help those with cancer and find a cure for the disease. He attended the Dance Marathon during his freshman year and was moved and inspired by the event enough to apply for General Body. For the three years to follow, Tyler served on the BuckeyeThon's Fundraising Committee. While Tyler is not a General Body Member this year, he will be attending the Dance Marathon and doing everything he can to raise money and awareness For The Kids! 

Chris Giordano

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology, Pre-OT

Hometown: Hershey, PA

Involvement: Resident Advisor, Psychology Research Lab, and Delta Sigma Phi

Why are you For The Kids?: Chris is For The Kids because he believes that every kid deserves a chance to pursue their passions. 

Will Sullivan

Year: Sophomore

Major: Integrated Language Arts for Higher Education

Hometown: Upper Arlington, OH

Involvement: Alpha Kappa Psi, Buckeyes For Save A Child's Heart, Survivor: Time & Change

Why are you For The Kids?: He is For The Kids because he believes the most incredible things in life are dreams. Dreams of the future, of what's to come, of what he thinks will make the world a happier place. And everyone, especially kids, should have every opportunity to watch those dreams turn into reality. He is honored to have been nominated to walk in the Fashion Show!

Zach Burton

Year: Junior

Major: Communication and Public Affairs

Hometown: Springdale, Arkansas

Involvement: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., African American Voices Gospel Choir, Department of Social Change, and Buckeye Leadership Fellows

Why are you For The Kids?: From the time he was young, Zach had a strong passion for service and always believed that children were the future. As someone who works as a mentor for elementary and middle schools and youth recreational programs, Zach takes pride in all of the opportunities that he gets to work with kids. He said, "I do everything that I do with the intent that I'm being a positive example for someone else, and I've always tried my best to do so. While I've had experience working with many organizations, this is my first opportunity to participate as a Team Captain for BuckeyeThon! I'm excited for the opportunity to model with the Kids in this year's Fashion Show." 

Manny Latio

Year: Sophomore

Major: Health Science

Hometown: Canal Winchester, OH

Involvement: International Affairs Scholars, Office of Diversity, Morrill Scholars, Alpha Phi Omega, and CRIS Mentor

Why are you For The Kids?: Manny is For The Kids because children are the future. He has plans to work with kids for the rest of his life in the medical field and hopes to work for UNICEF one day. From his personal experience, he's learned first-hand that he can never go wrong investing in a child's life. BuckeyeThon allows him to continue doing this. 

Kristin Oliphant

Year: Senior

Major: Social Work

Hometown: Pickerington, OH 

Involvement: Love Your Melon

Why are you For The Kids?: Nationwide Children's Hospital has a special place in Kristin's heart because her sister, Lauryn (Lu), went through treatment there while she battled AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). Kristin loves being able to meet and interact with all the kids and families in BuckeyeThon that have gone through similar situations to her family. It makes her realize that we are all in this fight together. Kristin will forever continue to fight For The Kids. #LuStrong

Hayley Block

Year: Senior

Major: Economics and Strategic Communications

Hometown: Spartanburg, SC

Involvement: Club Swimming at Ohio State, Alpha Xi Delta, Undergraduate Student Government, and University Ambassadors

Why are you For The Kids?: Hayley first learned about BuckeyeThon at the first-ever BuckeyeThon Fashion Show her freshman year. She has been For The Kids ever since! Every kid deserves a childhood with less hospital visits and more learning, playing, and dancing!

Rena Ferrara

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing and Leadership Studies

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Involvement: Empower Sports, Fisher Honors Cohort, and Alpha Gamma Delta 

Why are you For The Kids?: Rena is For The Kids because she believes it is such an amazing cause and something that affects too many families around the world.

Lauren Hitchens

Year: Senior

Major: Social Work

Hometown: Chilicothe, OH

Involvement: Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Society of Sisters, and College of Social Work Student Association

Why are you For The Kids?: Lauren is For The Kids because she believes that children make this world a better place. It is her hope that we can change the trajectory of someone's life by giving them hope and joy!

Maggie Ash

Year: Sophomore

Major: English

Hometown: Canton, OH

Involvement: H2O Church, University Ambassadors, Women's Glee Club, and Undergraduate Student Government

Why are you For The Kids?: Maggie is For The Kids because they are our brightest future. Not only do they deserve the chance to experience life to its fullest, but the world needs their joy, intelligence, and inspiration to make it a better place.

Vattsa Mehta

Year: Junior

Major: Finance and Economics 

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Involvement: Scarlet and Gray Financial, Indian American Association, Buceye Mela, and Students for South Asian Service

Why are you For The Kids?: Vattsa has participated in BuckeyeThon since her days at GahannaThon as well as volunteered in the Hematology and Oncology Clinic at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Vattsa loves to dance and truly believes every kid deserves to be a Buckeye. 

Adrianna Placania 

Year: Sophomore

Major: International Studies and Spanish

Hometown: Youngstown, OH

Involvement: GIVE

Sara Wendel

Year: Senior

Major: Public Affairs with History and Economics Minors

Hometown: Hilliard, OH

Involvement: Advocates for Women of the World, College Mentors for Kids, and Kappa Alpha Theta

Why are you For The Kids?: Sara believes that everyone should have equal opportunity to pursue his or her passions, which is why she is For The Kids!

Abby Frooman

Year: Senior

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Involvement: BuckeyeThon, Student-Alumni Council, Kappa Alpha Theta, and works at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Why are you For The Kids?: Abby is For The Kids because every kid deserves the chance to have a carefree childhood. 

Janki Patel

Year: Senior

Major: Finance

Hometown: Carol Stream, Illinois 

Involvement: Dhadkan, Student-Alumni Council, Delta Sigma Pi, Team Ohio, and Undergraduate Student Instrumentation Project

Why are you For The Kids?: Janki is For The Kids because her friend was taken too soon by leukemia, and never had the chance to graduate high school ro go to college. Every child deserves to go to the last speech tournament of their senior year with all of her friends, to graduate high school, and to pursue their wildest dreams.