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Brett Bejcek

Brett Bejcek is a senior at Ohio State where he majors in Computational Data Analytics. On campus, he has enjoyed serving as both the Homecoming Chair and Commencement Chair for Major Campus Events Committee, assisting with marketing for The Ohio Union Activities Board, playing mellophone in The Ohio State University Marching Band, reconnecting with alumni as Alumni Relations Chair for Mount Leadership Society, producing business insight as a member of Buckeye Leadership Fellows, and volunteering in the community as a member of Phi Gamma Delta. Once he graduates, he hopes to turn data into a story: a story that has the ability to positively impact the individuals around him and change the way people think about the world.

Rania Khamees

My name is Rania Khamees and I am a fourth year senior studying Neuroscience and Biology. I am currently involved with the Ohio Union Activities Board and a member of the 110th Class of SPHINX Senior Honorary. I also regularly bench warm for a variety of intramural sports, including but not limited to soccer, ice hockey, and basketball. I am For the Kids because every child deserves the chance to find their own understanding of the world through experiences, travel, and good company.

Fun fact: I collect novelty socks from every trip I go on, my favorite pair being my Mona Lisa socks.

Halie Vilagi

Halie Vilagi is a senior at The Ohio State University studying public policy and political science. Halie is currently serving her second year on the The Ohio State University’s Board of Trustees—the university’s chief strategic and fiduciary body. Halie is excited to support BuckeyeThon because of her belief that every kid deserves the opportunity to be a Buckeye. A fun fact is that her favorite place to study on campus is Heirloom Cafe (yum).

Owen Manning

My name is Owen Manning and I'm a third year studying chemical engineering. Around campus, I serve as the Finance Director for the Student-Alumni Council and the Service Chair for Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji). I am also a part of an organization called Design Outreach, a student group that supports the national non-profit which is committed to alleviating poverty through life-sustaining solutions. I am For The Kids because every kid deserves to have the opportunity to pursue their passions and make their dreams come true! One fun fact about me... I drive a car with 220,000 miles on it and she's still going strong!

Katie Thomas

My name is Katie Thomas, and I am an International Relations & Diplomacy major with Spanish, Public Health, and Business minors.  I am the Co-President of the Akumanyi Foundation Ohio State chapter, as well as Philanthropy Chair in Alpha Phi Omega.  I am also a BuckIServ leader for the upcoming winter trips.  I am For The Kids because every child deserves a chance to grow up to be a Buckeye! A fun fact about me is that I love baking! My dream is to open a little bakery when I retire!

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez is a 4th year student with a passion for the written and the spoken word, pursuing a degree in communication and theatre. He is in the honors program, an Office of Diversity and Inclusion scholar, a STEP grant recipient, the head mentor for the Latino Leadership Development Institute, the president of SPHINX Senior Honorary, and a member of the 2016 Homecoming Court. Additionally, he also lends his talents to Honda of America, providing the voiceover component for their English as a Second Language program. Daniel is “for the kids”, first and foremost, because he believes that every child deserves to tell their story. No book should ever be left unfinished in the same way that no story should ever be cut short by cancer. He is honored and humbled to share the stage with these kids, whose willpower and positivity should be a model for us all. Finally, Daniel just recently published his first book, the peregrine muse., and he intends to donate a portion of all proceeds to the BuckeyeThon cause. Go Bucks!

Mehak Arora

Mehak Arora is a 5th year Theatre Major here at the Ohio State University. She is For The Kids because every child deserves to have a childhood as insanely fun as mine. A fun fact about Mehak is that her last name is a palindrome, which means it’s spelled the same frontwards and backwards! She is involved with The Mount Leadership Society, Buck-i-Serv, Student Leadership Advocates, and TEDxOhioStateUniversity. She also finds the time to work as a University Telecounselor and a Thompson Library Student Assistant.

Jared Shellhouse

I am Jarred Shellhouse, a fourth year studying agricultural communication and public affairs. At Ohio State, I am involved in Ohio Staters, Inc., SPHINX senior class honorary, agricultural communicators of tomorrow and I serve as an ambassador for the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. I have had so many awesome opportunities at Ohio State and I believe every kid deserves to experience life as a buckeye with those same opportunities! A fun fact is that I once went skydiving on a first date.

Sahil Sharma

My name is Sahil Sharma and I am a senior studying Psychology and Leadership Studies! I am a Member Services Crew Chief at the RPAC, as well as, a facilitator for the Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI). I am For The Kids, because BuckeyeThon/Nationwide's work with these amazing kids make me believe in magic. Every kid deserves a magical life, and nothing less. As far as a fun fact, I always wanted to be the Yellow Power Ranger - and I still kind of want to haha.

Imani Davis

Imani is a third year studying Film Studies and Theatre, with goals of going into public relations and advertising in those fields. She is a member of Student-Alumni Council, Off The Lake Productions, Delta Gamma, and Bucket & Dipper Junior Class Honorary. She recently helped run the 2016 Homecoming Pep Rally with Student-Alumni Council and had a blast. You can also catch her walking backwards and giving tours on Ohio State's campus as a University Ambassador. Imani is so excited for BuckeyeThon and is For The Kids because every kid deserves to follow their dreams. Fun fact! She's been in the musical Hairspray 3 times in her life! Also, she's never hit her funny bone *knocks on wood*

Blaise Kimmel

My name is Blaise Kimmel and I am currently a fourth year honors chemical engineering student with an environmental focus at The Ohio State University. The opportunities I have been granted during my undergraduate have been instrumental in my development not only as a professional, but also as a leader in my community in addition to developing my ability and passion for teaching. Currently I work as a teaching assistant for two classes in the chemical & biomolecular engineering department, serve on the risk management committee for the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, and am performing an independent honors research thesis. Next fall I will be attending graduate school to complete my PhD in chemical engineering and focus in designing air pollution controllers to mitigate the carbon footprint we place on the planet. While the location of my graduate school has not yet been determined, I am excited for the adventure that lies ahead!

Trevor Yasinow

My name is Trevor Yasinow, a Junior from Cleveland, Ohio.  I’m majoring in Finance and plan on working with investments in my future career.  I’m really involved in my fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, serving as Social Chair.  I love being For The Kids because such a small act of kindness can put a smile on a child’s face, which is why Buckeyethon is so important.  Fun fact about me is that I used to have blonde, curly hair until I was 5.

Kelsey Bonacci

Kelsey Bonacci is senior from Akron, Ohio studying Social Work with minors in Spanish and Nonprofit studies. She helps manage the University Ambassador program, is involved in Greek Life, and is spending her year interning with Make-A-Wish, delivering hope and wishes to many of the same kids that BuckeyeThon serves at Nationwide Children's. Kelsey is For The Kids because every kid deserves to live a full life where they can fearlessly pursue their futures and find the same empowering, supportive community that Kelsey has found being a Buckeye. If you really knew her, you'd know that she went to Italy this summer and got to tour the Ferrero Factory, home to Nutella.

Lauren Todd

My name is Lauren Todd, I'm an English major, and I'm involved in Minority Association of Premedical Students, University Senate, USG, Council of Black Student Leaders, Heart of It All Fashion, campus and community activism, and various other volunteer opportunities. I am for the kids for the very same reason I am involved in so many different corners on campus-- because cultivating ideas and learning more about new things and experiences is so central to who we are. Every child deserves the chance to go to a university, like Ohio State, and find places on campus where they are able to challenge themselves, constantly, to learn about themselves,  and to discover the lived experiences of those who are different than them. Asking questions and inserting myself into unfamiliar spaces is something that I've been blessed to have the opportunity to do for my 22 years of life. I am for the kids because every child deserves that chance to grow. Fun fact: I have never broken a bone or sprained anything.