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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


What is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?


Families, caregivers, charities and research groups across the United States observe September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM). In the U.S., 1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before they are 20 years old; one in five children diangosed with cancer in the U.S. will not survive the disease. A diagnosis turns the lives of the entire family upside down. The objective of CCAM is to put a spotlight on the types of cancer that largely affect children, survivorship issues, and – importantly – to help raise funds for research and family support (source: American Childhood Cancer Organization).


What can I do to support CCAM?

  • You can register for the 2020 BuckeyeThon Virtual Dance Marathon. 
  • You can donate to BuckeyeThon to help Kids at Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • You can spread awareness for CCAM by posting about it on your social media or by sharing/re-posting our social media posts. 

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about CCAM, contact us at