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Dance Marathon Shift Selection Process

The purpose of the shift selection process is to provide a unique and unparalleled experience for all Team Members by encouraging Team Members to attend with their teammates.


How will the shift selection process work?

When registering, Team Members will choose a team to be a part of. They will not select a Dance Marathon shift to attend. Following registration closing on September 25, 2020, all Team Members will receive an email detailing the shift selection process.

Later in the year, Team Members will receive an email assigning him/her a shift selection time. This time will be determined by the average fundraising amount per team. All members of a team will have the same assigned shift selection time.

At the time their shift selection window opens, the Team Member will receive a second email with the link to a form to fill out their preferred Dance Marathon shift. Team Members will be able to select a shift from that time until the shift selection process ends.

Each shift will have a cap per demographic. These demographics are as follows: Residence Halls, Greek Life, Scholars Programs, Large Student Organizations, Small Student Organizations, and Special Initiatives. Each demographic will have spots for half of its Team Members in the Scarlet Shift and half in the Gray Shift. Once the cap for one shift within the demographic has been reached, Team Members will be unable to select that shift.


What if I have a conflict?

If you have a conflict that prevents you from attending either of the Dance Marathon shifts (work, travel, etc.), please contact the Director of Team Relations, Julia Hurley at or as soon as possible with your name, team, conflict, and preferred shift. We will work through each conflict on a case by case basis.