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Buckeye Buddies FAQS

Can families attend practices and games?

We highly encourage events where families are able to attend practices or games because it is not much of an outside commitment for the team, and the kids and families are able to see the facilities and what the teams do first-hand.

What is the time commitment?

We ask that each team involved try to attend at least one Buckeye Buddies event each semester, but we encourage aiming for multiple events per semester. Events generally last between 1 and 2 hours long.

What is the time commitment as a coach?

Coaches may get involved with the program as much or as little as they would like to, however they do not have to be a part of the Buckeye Buddies program at all.

How long will I remain the Buckeye Buddies Representative?

The commitment of being the Buckeye Buddy Representative for your team lasts until BuckeyeThon 2020, which takes place February 7th and 8th. After this point, the representative may pass the torch to another teammate, or remain the representative for the following BuckeyeThon year!

Does the representative have to have a leadership position on his/her team?


How do the BuckeyeThon Kids get paired with the athletic teams?

If our Miracle Children have preferences or interest in sports, we attempt to pair them with the team that may be their best fit. If not, we randomly pair our teams and families!

How does the Buckeye Buddies Representative get chosen?

It can be any team member who is passionate toward the Buckeye Buddies cause, and is able to make the commitment to communicate with the Buckeye Buddies Coordinator on the Family Relations Committee.

As the Buckeye Buddies Representative, can I contact the BuckeyeThon Family directly?

If requested, the email address of the BuckeyeThon family connected with your team can be provided. You do not have to feel obligated to contact the family, as the Buckeye Buddies Coordinator handle event preparation, however, we love to see strong bonds form between our athletes and families.

How many BuckeyeThon Kids will be at a Buckeye Buddies event?

Each team is paired with one BuckeyeThon family. In addition to the Miracle Child, some families may bring his or her sibling(s) to take part in the event as well! This decision is left up to the parents.

What do parents do during the event?

Parents stay throughout the entiretly of the event.

What are the statuses of the BuckeyeThon Kids (in regards to health)?

Each family is in a unique position in regards to the current health of their child. Some of our kids are extremely healthy and active, with barely any limitations, while others may have limitations that would be described to the Buckeye Buddy Representative. The possibility of a kid becoming sick or having a bad week is always there, so we remain cognizant that Buckeye Buddies events are not always guaranteed to work out.

Who plans the events?

The Buckeye Buddies Coordinator will plan the events between the teams and families, however our teams are encouraged to come up with ideas for events that they would like to do with the children, and are welcome to plan their own events as well.

Do we need a car, or do we need to go anywhere for events?

All Buckeye Buddies events could take place on campus, which would not require athletes to drive anywhere. If teams decide they would like to do something off-campus, however, this would necessitate having a vehicle available.

Are there any certain times my team has to have Buckeye Buddies events?

It is the Buckeye Buddies Coordinator's job to figure out the schedules of both the athletic team and the family in order to figure out which times both parties have available to have events. Events could be any time!

Are there certain things my teammates and I need to bring to an event?

Often times, anything necessary for an event with a child (such as board games, balls or toys) can be provided by the Ohio Union or BuckeyeThon, however if a team comes up with their own idea for an event, there is a possibility the supplies for the event would be brought by them.

Can we bring the BuckeyeThon Kids gifts?

It is encouraged that during the growth of the relationship between team and Miracle Child, a special gift be given to the child. Many teams provide their kid with a t-shirt, hat or small gift that has something to do with their team. A meaningful gift would not have to be large in order to be a strong token of great memories shared together.

Is there any way this could be detrimental to my athletic eligibility?

Any item that would have to be purchased for an athlete to take part in a Buckeye Buddies event (such as a laser tag or movie ticket) must be purchased by that athlete himself or herself. We do sometimes take pictures at Buckeye Buddies events, solely for our childrens' scrapbooks and internal usage by BuckeyeThon. Pictures are not used in any way for advertisement for BuckeyeThon or the Buckeye Buddies Program. Buckeye Buddies is giving up athletes' free time, while doing the Dance Marathon takes away practice time. In this way, Buckeye Buddies is more like a community service event.

Are we allowed to do __________ with the BuckeyeThon Kid?

Any activities our teams come up with for Buckeye Buddies events are run by the parents first. If the family OKs the event, we try to make it happen!

Are we required to participate in BuckeyeThon's Dance Marathon and/or fundraise the dancer minimum?

Being a part of the Buckeye Buddies program does not mean that the Buckeye Buddies Representative, or anyone else on the team must raise money for or participate in BuckeyeThon's Dance Marathon, although teams are encouraged to consider the different ways in which they can be involved.

What if my BuckeyeThon Kid is no longer able to participate due to medical reasons or extenuating circumstances?

Each situation will be different. The relationship between the team and the Miracle Child could change in certain ways in some instances. In other instances, the team may be paired with a new BuckeyeThon Kid.