Office of Student Life

Piper S.

Piper is sweet, spunky and brings joy to everyone around her! She was new to BuckeyeThon in 2018 and has already had so much fun at our events and meeting new people. She is so kind and funny, so make sure to say hello to her the next time you see her! There is a good chance you’ll get to see her dancing!

Parent Name: Ericka and Justin

"I had so much fun getting to know Piper at this year’s Dance Marathon! She’s such a sweet and fun little girl, and I can’t wait for all to come this next year (especially more dancing at silent disco)!"

Piper's Favorite Things:

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Guacamole

Favorite Things: Unicrons, Mermaids, Horses, and Playing with Baries

What he wants to be when he grows up: Veterinarian

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Piper's Cancer Journey:

Shortly after Piper’s 3rd Birthday she began having fevers. After a few visits to the pediatrician, ultrasounds and an ER visit over a couple of weeks, Piper experienced another fever that led her family to the NCH emergency department. After many tests, Piper was admitted for a week under infectious disease care and then released to the hematology department. After following up with hematology for a month, another fever led to the doctors figuring out what was going on and a bone marrow biopsy was performed. Within a couple hours, we were greeted in a consult room by physicians that told us Piper had leukemia. Earth shattering words! Piper endured many hurdles throughout her two and a half year treatment plan. Her sassy, witty self kept her strong through everything and kept her nurses and doctors on their toes! Piper became cancer free when she was 5 and is still regularly monitored but doing well! Her family is so thankful, blessed and grateful for every sunrise they see! Piper still has effects from treatment that they deal with daily, but she is well!