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The First-Year

In his own words:

"I first heard about BuckeyeThon at the Student Involvement Fair. I was with a friend whose mom had mentioned it to him, so we decided to check it out. As a freshman eager to get involved on campus, we applied to be General Body members and went through the interview process, and we were excited to both be accepted. Shortly after, we went on the General Body retreat, which was an amazing experience. It was intense, but it helped us new members build strong connections, which I think is important for any organization.

Right away, one thing I loved about BuckeyeThon is that we’re united by more than just our studies or interests; it’s our shared goal and mission that bring us together. This shared purpose makes it easy to connect with other members. Even in such a large organization, it's easy to make friends. I joined the Development committee in the spring, and that has allowed me to build even stronger relationships with other members.

My mom is my WHY. She was diagnosed with skin cancer right before I left for college, which was really scary. Joining an organization dedicated to curing cancer helped me feel closer to her, even when I was physically farther. Being part of BuckeyeThon made me feel like I was helping her and making her proud.

Hearing the Nationwide Children's Hospitial Champion Families share their stories at the Dance Marathon also had a profound impact on me. Seeing the children we’re working to help, smiling and living healthy lives, reminded me why our mission is so important.

As an incoming freshman, it didn't click for me right away that campus was my new community. It wasn't until I joined BuckeyeThon that I had that realization, and I started to feel a strong pull to positively impact both campus and the Columbus community. Later in the year, I decided to become Team Captain for Delta Sigma Pi, my business fraternity. Using the knowledge and experience of BuckeyeThon I'd already gained as a General Body member, I was able to engage more members and set ambitious goals, and I grew closer to my fraternity brothers in the process. 

Looking ahead, I hope to grow BuckeyeThon’s spirit across campus, which will help increase our impact on the hospital and on the Champion Kids and Families. I know I can make a tremendous impact as a General Body member by strengthing my connections to other Buckeyes and engaging other campus organizations. I’ve realized that philanthropy is a fulfilling and worthwhile way to spend my time and I'm proud to be a BuckeyeThon member."

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