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Miracle Milestones

We are excited to announce the third year of our Miracle Milestones program! To recognize Team Members for their fundraising achievements, we are offering the following at each respective fundraising milestone. As you reach each Milestone, BuckeyeThon will be in touch with you to let you know!



$250: Buckeye Boogier

  • Entry into the Dance Marathon

  • CMN Hospital Bracelet

  • Meet and Interact with BuckeyeThon Kids

  • Meals and Snacks at the Dance Marathon   



$500: Hopeful Hero

  • Entry into Raffle

  • BuckeyeThon thank you notes

  • All offered at the Buckeye Boogier Level     


$750: Devoted Dancer

  • 2 total entries into Raffle

  • Fast pass for the food line

  • 1-hour w/ service dogs at Dance Marathon

  • All offered at previous levels





$1,000: Miracle Maker

  • 4 total entries into Raffle

  • Rave on the stage during Rave Hour

  • VIP Meal with BuckeyeThon Kids at the Dance Marathon

  • Recognition slide at the Dance Marathon

  • BuckeyeThon Heart face tattoos

  • Entry in Raffle to walk in the 2018 Fashion Show

  • Comma Club featuring Miracle Maker Logo:

    • Miracle Maker T-shirt

    • Miracle Maker Laptop Sticker

    • All offered previous levels


$1,500: Cancer Crusher

  • 6 total entries into Raffle

  • BuckeyeThon Travel Coffee Mug

  • 2 total entries in raffle to walk in the 2018 Fashion

  • All offered previous levels


$2,000:  Fearless Fighter

  • 8 Total Entries in the Raffle

  • VIP Viewing during Reveal at the Dance Maration

  • Invitation to Spring Cook Out

  • BuckeyeThon Baseball Hat

  • All offered previous levels



Top 5 Fundraisers

  • Hold up a sign at Reveal

    • Fundraising cutoff is 2 weeks prior to Reveal

    • Team Members will be notified via email

    • Team Members may choose to decline



  • One Entry for every $250 raised

  • 5 winners will each get free registration for
    BuckeyeThon's 2019 Dance Marathon

  • Smiley Rylee T-Shirt

Between exciting fundraising resources and the new Team Captain program, we challenge you to have all of your Team Members set their fundraising goals at or above the Miracle Maker milestone. Additional incentives for each level will be updated on the BuckeyeThon website as they are confirmed. These will include BuckeyeThon gear, recognition at the Dance Marathon, and interactive hospital experiences.

For more information, please contact Lauren McHenry at

Do you have an idea for a new Miracle Milestone item? Send us your idea so we can continue to improve what we provide our Team Members for their incredible fundraising efforts! You may provide your name and email if you would like us to contact you to gather more information about your idea. If you wish to remain anonymous, that is fine too!

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