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Canning is an opportunity to solicit donations from potential donors in pre-established areas around the Columbus community. Canning is a simple way to get together as a team, spread awareness about the cause, and raise money that goes directly to your personal fundraising page. If you are interest in signing up for canning, check back in August for more information on how to get started!

BuckeyeThon offers three types of canning:

1. Neighborhood Canning

Neighborhood canning involves going door-to-door in Columbus suburbs. We provide you with all of the resources you will need, including a permit, cans, a map, and instructions on how to ask donations. After receiving your canning materials and group, you will depart from the Ohio Union and visit the neighborhood you were assigned. Drivers can be provided if your team does not have a means of transportation.

Neighborhood Canning is offered any day of the week, but there is more flexibility if you go on a weekend. 

2. Flex Canning

Flex canning provides a more flexible option to can as a team. If you are from a Columbus or surrounding neighborhood, you do not need a permit to can there. You can pick up items including cans, and instructions on how to ask for donations from the BuckeyeThon Office on any Friday. We do not coordinate groups or drivers for flex canning, however you can can with your team in your hometown throughout the weekend. The following Monday you will then need to return the canning materials to the office.

3. Street Canning

Street canning involves soliciting donations at intersections and/or businesses throughout Columbus. Once again, BuckeyeThon will take care of providing cans, signs, prepping your team on protocol, and coordinating your team to arrive at the right location.


If you are interested in any of these canning opportunities, please direct questions to Kyle Worden at