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CarnOval Updates: We will be having inflatables, food, music, Brutus and games and will be kicking off BT registration for the upcoming year! We need you to wear your color team colors to the event as we hope it increases interaction between you and the students in those color teams. To help facilitate this, we will be having a morale hour (5-6), miracle makers (6-7) and team captains (7-8) just so you all are aware of who most of the students you talk to during these hours are. Additionally, similar to last year we will be giving the parents and kids tickets to hand out to students. We would love if you could hand them out after interactions with them and then the students are able to redeem tickets for prizes. We will also be having a photo booth at the event and would like for you all to switch off being at the booth so that students can take pictures with our amazing kids! We will help facilitate this but keep an eye out at the event and try to tag each other out if possible.

For The Kids,

Sydney and Amanda


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