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BuckeyeThon is a great venue to advertise your business or promote your product. Over the course of the year, we reach thousands of students, staff, faculty, and community members and can place your organization's brand in front of them. If you choose to be a sponsor for BuckeyeThon, you are choosing to become a part of our fight to beat pediatric cancer and blood disorders!

A word from our President:

"Friends of BuckeyeThon,

First and foremost, I would like to thank BuckeyeThon’s current partners for their support of BuckeyeThon’s mission. As a result of this commitment, BuckeyeThon has been able to make significant contributions to the kids and families in the Columbus community who need our help. Our partners also give thousands of students the opportunity to grow and develop as leaders through BuckeyeThon, and these students have also come to understand the power of service and philanthropy, and finding their true purposes. I am confident that the students who power BuckeyeThon today will be the future leaders of our society and that they truly will make a positive impact in our world.

It is my honor to serve as BuckeyeThon’s President, and it is my mission to embrace this opportunity to not only support our incredible student members, but also to work to support the kids and families at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

BuckeyeThon’s mission is quite clear - we want to enhance the student experience, promote the value of philanthropy, establish a spirit of service, and cultivate relationships between members of our community. In doing so, I am confident that BuckeyeThon will have the power to end childhood cancer and blood disorders.

Since its inception in 2001, BuckeyeThon has grown in unprecedented ways. Going from a small student gathering of roughly 100 students to one of the largest year-round student philanthropies in the country, BuckeyeThon has been so successful because of its most valuable asset - its people. The people who have supported BuckeyeThon over the past 19 years have made the organization what it is today: a million-dollar student-run nonprofit, having raised over $11.3M to date. Without the continued and expanded support of the great people in the Columbus community, BuckeyeThon cannot continue to grow in the years to come.

As BuckeyeThon celebrates its 20th year anniversary this year, I invite and encourage you to join the BuckeyeThon tradition in Columbus. With the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, our world has changed, but our mission to fight For The Kids has not. Now more than ever, kids in Columbus and across the world need our support. Join the movement thousands of students are creating to help support kids fighting cancer and blood disorders. Without you, BuckeyeThon’s mission cannot be fulfilled. Without you, BuckeyeThon cannot continue to provide opportunities for students to realize their fullest potentials. Without you, we cannot end pediatric cancer and blood disorders.

I look forward to another record-breaking year for BuckeyeThon, and I hope you will become a proud partner of an organization that truly embodies the spirit of being one generation fighting for the next. Join us in believing that Every Kid Deserves to be a Buckeye.

Kids Can't Wait,

Ben Smith
President "


Click here to see a list of our current partners.


If you are interested in helping to put a stop to childhood cancer and blood disorders by becoming a BuckeyeThon partner, please contact our Director of Development, Abby Alatsis, at