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Be a Miracle Maker!

BuckeyeThon has a history of setting high goals and shooting for the stars. Each time we do, the Buckeye community rallies behind those goals, and each time, we achieve them. This year, we want to return the favor...

BuckeyeThon is going to help you become a Miracle Maker!

Miracle Makers are BuckeyeThon Team Members who go above and beyond the $250 minimum to attend the Dance Marathon and raise at least $1,000 For The Kids fighting cancer at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Every penny you raise will go directly to the hospital, funding research to find cures as well as programs and services to help kids like Lauren.


We know that is a big commitment, but here’s how we can help:

This year, Team Members will be offered additional fundraising resources and support, including:

  • A Fundraising Handbook with proven methods for fundraising effectively
  • Calendars that break down fundraising into easy-to-digest, actionable goals
  • A fundraising "coach” to guide you in fundraising and help you to achieve your potential
  • Initiatives like neighborhood canning and street canning which allow you to fundraise throughout the Columbus community.
  • Additional encouraging/helpful emails to inspire you throughout the year

Additionally, when you raise $1,000 or above as a Miracle Maker, you will receive exclusive VIP prizes, including:

  • Rave on the Stage During Rave Hour
  • VIP meal with the BuckeyeThon Kids at the Dance Marathon
  • A "Miracle Maker" T-Shirt
  • Recognition Slide at the Dance Marathon
  • All offered at previous levels

Being a Miracle Maker is one of the greatest triumphs a Team Member can achieve.

Miracle Makers are true leaders in the BuckeyeThon movement whose efforts emulate what it means to be For The Kids and who fight for the idea that Every Kid Deserves to be a Buckeye.

Be a Miracle Maker

For more information, please contact Nicole Marcus at