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Kids and Cause Questions

For whom does BuckeyeThon raise money?

BuckeyeThon raises money for the kids and families of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, specifically in the Hematology, Oncology, Blood and Bone & Marrow Transplant Unit.


What is Nationwide Children's Hospital (NCH)?

Ranked as one of “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals,” Nationwide Children’s is one of the nation’s largest non-profit freestanding pediatric healthcare networks providing wellness, preventive, diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitative care for infants, children, and adolescents. Located in Columbus, just a few minutes’ drive from campus, NCH is Ohio State's pediatric partner. It partners with the Wexner Medical Center and James Cancer Hospital to provide collaborative care to patients.


How does BuckeyeThon connect with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals)?

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is a collection of children’s hospitals across the continent. Nationwide Children’s Hospital is a part of this network. A division of CMN Hospitals is Miracle Network Dance Marathons. As part of this movement, over 250 universities to raise funds for their local children’s hospitals. Dance Marathon staff advise students at these universities on all things philanthropy, recruiting, and of course Dance Marathon planning! BuckeyeThon is one of these university organizations, and works with CMN Hospitals and other universities throughout the year as part of the movement For The Kids.


Who are the kids and families whom I see at BuckeyeThon events?

BuckeyeThon works with 20 families throughout the year. This year’s BuckeyeThon kids are Corbin, Aiden, Maelée, Carson, Ben, Pax, Dominic, Regan, Sean, Samuel, Elijah, Piper, Brady, Kinley, Stella, Hannah, La’Miya, Hayden, and Josh. BuckeyeThon also has three angel families this year including the Oliphant Family, the Varughese Family, and the Reeves Family. 

Do all BuckeyeThon Kids have cancer?

While many of the BuckeyeThon kids have or have had cancer, this is not true for all of them. All of our kids have been treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital for some illness and are able to be involved with BuckeyeThon even if they did not have cancer. This is because BuckeyeThon has not always benefitted the Hematology, Oncology and Bone & Marrow Transplant Unit and some families with non-cancer illness got involved with BuckeyeThon before cancer was it's focus.


Are there any BuckeyeThon events at which I can meet families?

BuckeyeThon Families will be at events throughout the year! Follow us on social media for updates about where and when you can meet the kids and families. 

In addition, when you register for the Dance Marathon, you will be placed on a color team. These color teams are each associated with a couple of BuckeyeThon Kids who you will have the opportunity to spend time with throughout the event: 

  • Red: Corbin and Ben
  • Orange: Pax and the Oliphant/Forshey Family
  • Yellow: Maelée and the Varughese Family
  • Green: Dominic, Regan, Stella and Brady
  • Blue: Sean, Aiden and the Reeves Family
  • Purple: Hannah, Piper and La’Miya
  • Pink: Kinley, Samuel and Elijah
  • Black: Josh and Hayden

Fundraising Questions

What is BuckeyeThon's fundraising goal this year?

This year, BuckeyeThon is working to raise more than ever before! United around the feeling of teamwork and passion across the Ohio State Campus, BuckeyeThon wants to be sure that Every Kid Deserves to be a Buckeye. You can play a part in providing this opportunity for all kids by registering to be a Team Member. We ask Team Members to set high personal goals for themselves and become Miracle Makers, which will enable us to support the Kids at NCH more than ever before!


How much money do I have to fundraise in order to attend the Dance Marathon?

Students need to fundraise at least $250 in order to attend the Dance Marathon! Now more than ever we are encouraging Team Members to fundraise as much as they can!  To see some fundraising resources, visit our Fundraising Resources.


Why can't I lower my goal below $250 when I register?

Team members must raise at least $250 to be able to attend the dance marathon, so we have automatically set that as the minimum goal. However, we are challenging each Team Member to be a Miracle Maker by raising $1,000 this year, so we strongly encourage you to set your goal even higher than the $250 minimum. Additionally, by setting your goal higher, donors will be more likely to donate more and increase your overall fundraising! 


Where can I get extra fundraising help?

Check out our Fundraising Resources on our website (, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to receive updates on fundraising initiatives throughout the year! After you register, you will also receive emails with tips and updates, so reading those will help as well.


To whom do I make out checks?

Please make checks out to BuckeyeThon or The Ohio State University. On the memo line, write BuckeyeThon. If you would like your donation to count towards an individual’s fundraising total, please write that person’s name on the memo line as well.


Where do I drop off/send cash and checks?

Cash and checks can be dropped off at the BuckeyeThon Office (Room 3098 in the Keith B. Key Center for Student Leadership and Service in Student Life's Ohio Union). Please seal all donations in an envelope labeled with the following:

  1. BuckeyeThon
  2. Participant's Name
  3. Donation Amount

The mailing address is:

      1739 N High Street
      BuckeyeThon Office
      Room 3098
      Columbus, OH


Do you accept stock as a donation?

Stock can be accepted as a donation to BuckeyeThon, but cannot be transacted through our online fundraising platform, Donor Drive. Please email Uzair Ahmed, Vice President of Finance, at to inquire.


When will my offline donation or check go up on my Team Member's fundraising page?

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we continue to process a record amount of offline donations. The BuckeyeThon Finance team must process these donations and checks by hand.

  • Offline donations and donations from the purchase of care, spirit, and super packages will take up to two weeks to display on the Team Member's fundraising page. Please note that checks take a couple of weeks to verify.
  • For more information or questions about offline donations, please contact Pranav Kandula at

I ordered Merchandise/Merchandise Package for my Team Member. When will the donation component become visible on his/her fundraising page?

The BuckeyeThon Finance Team will enter all donations from the package program on a rolling basis (please allow at least two weeks). If you have any questions about merchandise orders, please contact Pranav Kandula at

Where can I get a reciept for my tax deduction?

An email will automatically be sent to you with your receipt. It will be sent to the email address you registered with your donation.

What Tax ID number is affilated with BuckeyeThon?

BuckeyeThon is an entity of Ohio State, which allows us to use Ohio State's tax ID (BuckeyeThon doesn't have their own Tax ID)

TAX ID: 31-1145986

(It will be listed as Ohio State University or Ohio State University Advancement)

Does BuckeyeThon accept matching gifts?

Yes, BuckeyeThon accepts matching gifts. Your company usually has their own software/matching program. Use the TAX ID number lasted in the previous question and state that the funds need to go to BuckeyeThon. Warning: It will take awhile for us to receive the matching gifts.

Why does my credit card not work?

Double check you put the billing address associated with your credit card. If it still doesn't work try a different internet browser or credit card. 

Why was my credit card charged multiple times?

First, if you had problems with the donation and got errors, there is a chance you weren't charged mutliple times. The charge will stay in pending on your bank account and go away after a few days, never charging your account. If it does mistakenly charge your account multiple, I deeply apologize. Please email Uzair Ahmed, Vice President of Finance, at Please provide your name, date of donation and the Team Member you are donating to. 

Dance Marathon Questions

Why should I register for the Dance Marathon?

There are a million reasons to register: the crazy amount of fun you will have at the event, the chance to join 3,700 friends in an Ohio State tradition, a night of food and entertainment, the opportunity to take part what many refer to as the highlight of their college experience, the experience of singing Carmen Ohio and standing with thousands of Buckeyes who are working toward the same mission: ending pediatric cancer and blood disorders. There are endless reasons to dance, and you can find yours. We have ours: Every Kid Deserves to be a Buckeye.


How do I switch teams?

You can switch teams on your fundraising page by logging into your participant center at the top right corner of the page. If you are having trouble, email Alison Thomas at or and we can help you!


My organization/club/chapter/residence hall wants to create a it too late?

To create a team that is not already listed as one of the team options during registration, please email Alison Thomas, Director of Team Relations, at to learn how. Please note that new teams will only be created for student organizations, residence halls, scholars programs, and Greek chapters; all other participants are asked to join the BuckeyeThon 2024 General Team, all of which are listed as options on the team list!


What color is my team?

As soon as all color team assignments have been finalized, we will post a list here for you to see. Stay tuned!


My friend wants to participate but does not attend Ohio State; can he/she come to the Dance Marathon anyway?

To answer this question briefly: it's complicated. Please email with the specific details of your inquiry and we will do our best to help answer this question.


I attend a regional campus of Ohio State. Can I register for and attend the Dance Marathon?

Absolutely! Register at


When is the Dance Marathon?

Saturday, February 10!


How long is the Dance Marathon?

The 2024 Dance Marathon will be 12 hours (9am to 9pm).


I'm not a good dancer! If it is a Dance Marathon, does that mean it is just dancing the whole time?

The Dance Marathon is way more than just dancing! There will be video games, performances from Ohio State student organizations, games and activities like tug of war, Rave Hour, chances to meet with the BuckeyeThon Kids and families, and much more! Last year, there were 60 activites and 24 performances over the course of the Dance Marathon.


When is the deadline to register for the Dance Marathon?

Friday, October 20, 2024 by 11:59 PM. After that, you will no longer be able to register to attend the Dance Marathon, but you can still register as a Team Member to fundraise and make an impact for the kids!


Where do I register?


What is a color team?

At, you’ll register for a team with a student organization—that will be your fundraising team. Then, on the day of the Dance Marathon, multiple student organization teams will be combined to make a color team. Your color team will all be wearing the same color and will compete in different competitions throughout the night, all while championing your color team’s BuckeyeThon Kids. All Team Members on the same student organization team will be on the same color team.


What if I don't have an organization with whom to dance?

If you or a group of your friends want to dance, but are not affiliated with a student organization, you can register directly to the BuckeyeThon 2021 General Team. This will serve as your fundraising team! If you want to make sure you will be with your friends at the Dance Marathon, all you have to do is register for the same team even if you are not affiliated with his or her residence hall or student organization. Don't worry: if all of your friends aren't on the same team, you can still hang out with members of other teams and color teams!


I'll be out of town the weekend of the Dance Marathon, but I want to help! What should I do?

You can still register as a Team Member—You can support our cause and fundraise For The Kids regardless of whether you attend the Dance Marathon! BuckeyeThon also has other events throughout the year, including fundraisers, Team Member meetings, the Fashion Show featuring our BuckeyeThon Kids, and CarnOval.

Registration Questions

Why can I not select a Dance Marathon shift when registering as a Team Member?

BuckeyeThon utilizes a shift selections process for Dance Marathon. The purpose of this is to provide a unique and unparalleled experience for all Team Members through encouraging Team Members to attend with their teammates. Team Members will receive more information about the shift selection process towards the end of Fall semester.


What if I cannot attend either the Scarlet or the Gray Half of the Dance Marathon?

If you have a conflict that prevents you from attending either of the Dance Marathon shifts (work, travel, etc.), please contact or as soon as possible with your name, team, conflict, and preferred shift. We will work through each conflict on a case by case basis.

DonorDrive Questions

I am having issues logging into my Participant Center on DonorDrive. What can I do?

If you are experiencing an issue, please try the following tips or email us us at

  • Clear your browser history or use a private browser
  • Utilize a secondary browser to log in
  • Reset your password


For any other questions not addressed here, please email