Office of Student Life

Hayden L.

Hayden always seems to have one of the brightest smiles on his face and is got so much energy. He is a fighter and a dreamer, and is going to do big things in his life. It is difficult to be around him and not have smile on your own face.

Parents Names: Jeff and Bri 

“I have loved my time in BuckeyeThon and am incredibly grateful for getting to spend my time with our kids. Hayden is an energetic member of our wonderful group, loves the Dance Marathon, and dominates the Quidditch matches.”

Favorite Things: Play Quidditch, Play Fortnite, Read Harry Potter, Spend time with his cousins, Watch cooking shows, Make Videos for his YouTube channel!

Favorite Color: Hot pink

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Book and Characters: Harry Potter

What he wants to be when he grows up: Ocean Scientist

Haydens's Congenital Heart Defect Journey:

Hayden's Congential Heart Defect Journey: Hayden was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Block when his mom was 20 weeks pregnant. He is missing his AV node, which is the part of the heart that makes the top speak to the bottom. Because of this, his heart beats much too slowly. Hayden’s family was told because his heart rate was so slow his development might be delayed, he might be born with brain damage, or he might die from heart failure before he was large enough to be safely delivered. But Hayden did make it to 30 weeks, and he was born on the 4th of July, just like his favorite superhero, Captain America. When Hayden was 4 days old he received his first pacemaker. Because he was a preemie, one of the complications of his surgery was that the machine they used to help him breathe damaged his lungs. They believe this is what initially caused his Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. When he was two, his pacemaker needed replaced. Last year he was hospitalized again with breathing issues. Hayden was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency (AI) at the beginning of this year. His body doesn’t produce cortisol and cortisol is necessary for life. Because of Al he lacks stamina and if he gets a common illness it could escalate quickly. As Hayden gets older he understands more about how he’s different and about the challenges that he faces. Through everything, BuckeyeThon has been the constant bright spot in his life. His family is so grateful that as things with Hayden continue to progress, he has the love and support of so many students and well-wishers!