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Jackson R.

Jackson R. 

Jackson was an incredibly happy baby who brought joy to everyone he met and even those who only knew of him. Jackson never spoke a word, but in his two years on this earth, he had more of positive impact on those around him than most do in a lifetime.

Siblings Name and Birthdays: Eden and Sammy

Parents Names: Kevin and Aimee

“I joined BuckeyeThon because I think it’s important to keep Jackson’s memory alive for his younger brother and sister who never had the chance to meet their brother. This is an organization that we are involved in BECAUSE of Jackson and I want them experience things that are about him.” – Aimee, Jackson’s mother

His mother recalls one of her favorite memories of Jackson when he was watching his father build a fire in the fire place. He had a look of joy on his face and excitement as he used sign language to tell his dad to add “more” to the fire and make it big again. It was a simple and beautiful memory for his family.

"The Reeves family is here to honor Jackson, one of our angel kids. Sammy and Eden continue to spread their brother’s legacy by participating in BuckeyeThon each year. When not challenging our dancers to a game of gaga ball, you can find Eden and Sammy dancing away in the silent disco!"


Jackson's Cancer Journey:
Jackson was diagnosed with infantile ALL when he was just three months old. After a few months Jackson received a Bone Marrow Transplant and was released after 3 months in Nationwide Children’s Hospital. His first relapse was three months after his first birthday and he leaned heavily on his T-Cell donor. Unfortunately, Jackson lost his battle one month after his second birthday. After years of trying to become parents again, Kevin and Aimee adopted two children from birth, five months apart. With two children, the Reeves family firmly believes that their life is a fairy tale - all stories start with a tragedy and end with a happy ending.