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Canning is an opportunity to solicit donations from potential donors in pre-established areas around the Columbus community. The purpose of canning is to collect cash and cashless donations and simaltenously raise awareness about our organization and its cause. Canning is a simple way to get together as a team, spread awareness about the cause, and raise money that goes directly to your personal fundraising page. It is a wonderful way to kickstart your fundraising journey, and you can represent BuckeyeThon while having fun!

BuckeyeThon offers three types of canning:

1. YP Neighborhood Canning

YP Neighborhood canning involves going door-to-door in Columbus suburbs with YP students and General Body members. The YP students are familiar and well- versed with their neighborhoods, which comes in handy when collecting donations and promoting BuckeyeThon in neighborhoods! We provide you with all of the resources you will need, including a permit, cans, a map, and instructions on how to ask donations. After receiving your canning materials and group, you will depart from the Ohio Union and visit the neighborhood you were assigned. Drivers can be provided if your team does not have a means of transportation.

YP Neighborhood Canning is offered throughout the year, varying from fall to spring. 

Feel free to reach out to Jas Bawa at with any questions regarding YP Neighborhood canning. 

2. Storefront Canning

Storefront canning is where members set up a booth in front of select stores in Columbus and collect donations. The purpose is to collect cash and cashless donations for BuckeyeThon and to get our cause out into the community. This is a splendid opportunity for students to fundraise effectively while connecting with Columbus! We will provide you with essential resources such as canning jars, signs, maps etc.  

3. Football Canning

Football Canning involves students collecting donations before the duration of home football games. While students can enjoy the enthusiastic atmosphere of football games, they can also make use of the large amounts of people that will be at the games to ask for donations! We provide you with all of the resources you will need, including canning signs, TipTap, a map, and ideas for the elevator pitch. Football canning starts 3-2.5 hours prior to kickoff and ends 1-1.5 hour before the start of the game. 


If you are interested in any of these canning opportunities, please direct questions to Vanditha Itikala at