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Youth Philanthropy

Through this leadership development opportunity, K-12 students will strive to meet two goals: to raise funds and awareness for the Hematology, Oncology and Bone & Marrow Transplant Unit at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and to foster a spirit of philanthropy within their school and community.

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What does it mean to be a Youth Philanthropy Program?

Similar to BuckeyeThon, our YP programs work year round to raise awareness throughout their entire community and fundraise. Students work together to come up with creative ways to engage their peers, friends, and neighbors in the cause, and end each year with a culminating event or celebration.

“BuckeyeThon’s Youth Philanthropy programs build the next generation of leaders by giving them the autonomy to create their own movement within their local community. From “KinderThons” to High School programs, these young people build a culture of giving that will change the world.”

– Nina Ryan (former BuckeyeThon President and DeSales YP Program Founder)

Why should my students be involved in this?

Developing Leadership Skills

  • By planning and organizing their own initiatives and events, students will learn vital leadership skills. Students will have to remain accountable, lead their organization members, and pitch & present to school students, staff, and administration.

Building a Sense of Philanthropy

  • As a participant of a Youth Philanthropy Program, students will see first hand the children they are helping and how important it is to give back. Also, by participating in philanthropy early on, students will learn about how to continue giving back going forward out of high school.

Creating a partnership with OSU

  • Youth Philanthropy programs work directly with BuckeyeThon: the largest student run philanthropy in Ohio. Every YP program is paired with a coordinator from BuckeyeThon’s General Body, who will provide guidance and support for the program but also professional mentorship for all students involved. Students will also get access to special BuckeyeThon events on campus, like the BT Fashion Show and the Dance Marathon!


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